Excursion tour “From Khibiny Mountains to Sami and the White Sea!”


of 6 days / 5 nights

During the excursion tour you will get acquainted with history of development of Khibiny Mountains and the nature of the Polar light. during the botanical excursion you will walk on spurs of Mount Aykuayvenchorr which name is translated as “The head of mother of god”. One day of a tour is devoted to a trip on a visit to mysterious Sami to the village “Sam-Syyt”. The pedestrian excursion to to the objects of GULAG growing with the woods , will acquaint you with history of development of Hibinsky apatite fields. the Two-day trip by off-road bus along the coast of the White Sea with evening salmon fish soup and search of amethyst in an ebb-tide zone of the sea, and visit of most ancient of the Pomor village Varzuga will become completion of an ekologo-ethnographic tour on the Kola Peninsula.

Routes of excursions “without backpacks” are developed so that not to spend time and forces on difficult transitions with heavy freight, and to plunge completely into the amazing world of mountains and tundra deserts of the Russian Polar region.

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Tour description

Type of a tour: excursion, pedestrian, bus, combined

Age restrictions : children of 14 years.

Placement : in for choice, or in hostel (the 2-3rd local) or in hotel (2-seater).

Date of arrivals: 10 – 15.06; 17 – 22.06

Group Size:  about the 14th persons

Tour Cost:

  • Placement in Akka Knibekayze hostel – 30 000 rub/1 persons
  • Placement in Pauder hotel – 38 800 rub/1 persons

of is included In the price : work of professional guides, food, accommodation, transfers on the program.

of isn’t included In the price: transfers from/to ZhD of stations and the airports.

of the Recommended equipment: warm vetro-and the moisture protective clothes and footwear allowing to feel comfortably at a temperature from +5 with wind and a rain to +20, a reliable rain set, spray from mosquitoes, the personal first-aid kit.

don’t forget the policy of compulsory health insurance and the passport!

Program of a tour

1 day

9:00 the Breakfast in hotel.

10:00 Botanical excursion on Mount Aykuayvenchorr spurs, acquaintance to mountain and tundra vegetation of Khibiny Mountains.

the Transfer by bus, foot walk : ~ of 8 km.

the Lunch in way.

the Dinner in hotel.

2 day

the Excursion in JSC Apatit museum exhibition complex, history of development of Khibiny Mountains, a mineralogical collection, an interactive exhibition of underground excavations of mines.

the Lunch in cafe

the Lecture in the Kola Scientific Center about the nature polar shine with photo and video maintenance.

the Dinner in hotel.

3 day

the Breakfast in hotel.

the Ethnographic excursion to Sami of the Kola Peninsula to the authentic Lappish village of “Sam-Syyt”, to the foothills of the Lovozersky tundra, communication and feeding of deer a lunch from national dishes.

Visit of the observation deck of the largest iron ore pit on the Kola Peninsula. Return to Kirovsk.

the Dinner in hotel.

4 day

the Breakfast in hotel.

the Historical excursion to ruins of concentrating factory at the Iolitovy spur where camp point of GULAG in the fifties settled down.

the Lunch in cafe.

the Lecture presentation about stories of development of Hibinsky mines.

the Dinner in hotel.

5 day

the Breakfast in hotel.

the Ekologo-etnografichesky tour by the bus on the coast of the White Sea: Kirovsk – tourist base “Boat Stream”. An ancient labyrinth Babylon on the bank of Kandalaksha Bay, the village Umba, the village of Kashkarantsy.

Field lunch.

Evening a White Sea salmon fish soup and spending the night on the seashore in lodges on the bank of the White Sea with a bath.

6 day


Driving through an outflow of the White Sea, sandy deserts of the village Kuzomen. Wooden churches (16-19vv) ancient Pomor village Varzuga. Field lunch.

Excursion to amethyst veins.

Departure for ZhD the station Kandalaksha or to Kirovsk.


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