Jeep tour to Teriberka


We offer you our formula of the adventure holiday:

Take two jeeps, a group of like-minded people, add a pinch of extreme, mix it with historical facts – and that’s it! Make it cool through the northern wind and serve against the background of the  picturesque views of the Barents Sea coast.

Welcome to Teriberka!

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Tour description

Tour description

Our rout runs from Murmansk to the windy Barents Sea coast. The village is situated on the bank of the Teriberka river, 125 km far from the Murmansk. The first mention of Teriberka was dated 1523.

During the excursion you will learn the history of this place and its everyday life, enjoy the beautiful views of the Barents Sea and a magnificent waterfall that flows into the Arctic Ocean.

Teriberka is the spot of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival sensation “Leviathan”. You will visit the places where the exterior scenes were filmed and meet the  people, who played in the crowd scenes.

Tour information

The tour includes:

  • transportation services according to the program
  • excursion service
  • guidance
  • a promenade to the waterfall and artillery complex
  • as extra service we can meet you at the airport, railway station or any other place


  • The price may vary. Specify the value of our managers!


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