Sightseeing tour across Khibiny Mountains


Hibinsky mountain isn’t really big, but the most interesting and beautiful places are there where

you won’t pass

on the regular car, and on foot it is necessary to go not one ten kilometers.
UAZ and buses all-terrain vehicles give you a unique opportunity to open for themselves in
Khibiny Mountains something new, having allowed to pass in several hours a route for which pedestrian of group are spent by several days.
On routes you will hear from us about ancient Lappish legends, you will pass thrown
geological roads of the 50-70th years the XX centuries you will also visit the most attractive places of this edge where it is possible to reach by on the ATV . On passes and at mountain lakes just intercepts spirit and punches on an avalanche of emotions from severe beauty of the North.

Tour description

 During the excursions on the prepared UAZ at the tourists having driver’s
the certificate of category “B” is an opportunity within the project “School Arctic
of Off road terrain” to pass some interesting and difficult sites driving fully driving
of the car, prepared for expeditions.
Is possible, will be not simply, but new experience of mountain driving and beauty of Khibiny Mountains are worth it!
Tourist buses all-terrain vehicles are specially prepared by for comfortable transportation of tourists to difficult available places. It is not army shelters nurses with small windows under a ceiling and benches on lengthways boards, and not regular crew buses for transportation of working crews. The pendant of buses is adapted under heavy off road terrain and does a travel comfortable for all, including small children and elderly people.
  • the Good review from windows , convenient sitting from long-distance buses, an opportunity in way to recharge a photo, video the equipment and phones.
  • At the movement on safe sites out of public roads finding of tourists out of salon on forwarding luggage carriers from where it is convenient to conduct a photo and video filming on the run is allowed.

our off-road equipment without problems will bring to

tourists to the most interesting places
of Khibiny Mountains. On condition of good weather and sufficient physical training of tourists in ours
excursions are provided pedestrian passes on passes where no equipment will get in the summer.

Car: prepared UAZ loaf

route Extent up to 55 km.
excursion Duration 4 hours.
group Size: 2-6 persons
excursion Cost: 2-3 persons – 4000/1 persons , 4-6 persons 2000/1chel
route Extent up to 70 km.
excursion Duration 8 hours.
group Size: 2-6 persons
excursion Cost: 2-3 persons – 8000/1 persons , 4-6 persons 4000/1chel

Car: Sadko’s of GAZ-33081, GAZ-66

route Extent up to 55 km.
excursion Duration 4 hours.
group Size: 7-20 persons
excursion Cost: 7-10 persons – 2000/1 persons , 11-20 persons 1500/1chel
route Extent up to 70 km.
excursion Duration 8 hours.
group Size: 7-20 persons
excursion Cost: the 10th persons – 3000/1 persons , 11-20 persons 2000/1chel


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