Snow lace of 5 days


Region: Murmansk region, Kola Peninsula
Tour: Snow lace
Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Food: thrice
Placement: on recreation facility “A bear in the north”
of Date of a tour: on demand from December to April

Kola or as sometimes call these places “Russian Lapland” – edge of deer, shamans, polar night and the surprising polar lights. Far from a civilization in the center of the Kola Peninsula on tourist base “Bear in the North” you will spend unforgettable vacation. You will be able to get acquainted with culture of indigenous people of Lapland – Sami, to visit the sacred lake, to take part in fishing, to try tasty venison dishes, and will perhaps have the luck to see the Polar lights ! Under the leadership of skilled guides you will pass along snow routes where the leg of the person seldom goes and you will see unique natural monuments . And the cook on a camp site will surprise you with a variety of northern kitchen.

Tour description

Program of a tour:


1 day

Transfer from Olenegorsk or Murmansk. A meeting in the ancient Lappish village Lovozero. Check of equipment, personnel safety notification. Placement on the snowmobiles, sledge and drag harrows covered with cervine skins. Moving on ice “desert”, on ice of the frozen lake, along the bottom of the massif the Lovozersky Tundra on tourist base “Bear in the North”.
Placement. A welcome lunch in the present to plague at naked flame. Acquaintance to base. A trip to the place which is considered the geographical center of Murmansk region, to the island Magic. The cheerful evening program, a sit-round gathering at a fire in plague. Dinner. Persons interested can visit a bath for an additional fee.
the General run for day of 50 km.


2 day

The Breakfast in plague. Visit of the state complex natural wildlife area of Seydjyavvr and the sacred lake of Sami – Seydozera. This place is known far outside the Kola Peninsula. The small reservoir is clamped among mountains the Lovozersky Tundra where on one of steep rocks the silhouette of the person created by the nature and play of light and shadow is read. Sami call this image about 70 meters high Kuyva. Hot tea, sandwiches on a route. Return to base. Lunch. Rest. Persons interested can visit a bath for an additional fee. Dinner.
The general run for day of 60 km.


3 day

Breakfast in plague. Moving on snowmobiles to the village Lovozero.
Fact-finding excursion on the neighborhood of the village Lovozero which is full Lappish “signs”,
where there passed mysterious ceremonies where almost each plateau – a legend.
Excursion, in national museum of local lore where the rich collection devoted to culture and life of the small people of the Kola North, purchase of souvenirs (cervine skins, horns, etc.) is collected.
Visit of a workshop on production of national clothes from fur and souvenirs. Trip to mountains. Hot tea and sandwiches on a route. Rise on the mountain 1000 m high. Driving from the mountain on plates. Return to base. Lunch. Free time and rest as a hobby. Dinner. Songs in plague at a fire.
The general run for day of 60 km.


4 day

Breakfast in plague. A trip to upper courses of the rivers flowing into the lake Lovozero. The route passes across the bed of the frozen river, along nonfreezing even during strong cold weather of thresholds. Hot tea and sandwiches on a route. Return to base. Dinner. Collecting things. Departure to Lovozero.
The general run for day of 50 km.


5 day

ЗBreakfast in plague. Trip to winter fishing. Hot tea, sandwiches on a route. Return to base.
Lunch. Hot tea and sandwiches on a route. Return to base. A lunch in plague (venison, ear fresh fish dishes, etc.). Disco. Dinner.
The general run for day of 40 km.

Tour cost on the person:


The single room on a snowmobile – 60000 рублей
Double placement on a snowmobile – 50000 rubles from the person
Placement in sledge – 27500 rubles from the person
Is included in the price:transfer Lovozero-camp site-Lovozero, missing equipment as necessary (a helmet, a cap comforter, semi-overalls, a jacket, footwear) for those who have chosen placement on a snowmobile at trips to excursions, 3rd single food, accommodation, excursions.
Isn’t included in the price: transfer from the airport or the railway station, alcoholic drinks, except a glass of wine on a celebration, an insurance, an additional bath, bathing towels and sheets, additional services. Missing equipment as necessary (semi-overalls, a jacket, footwear, совик) for those who at an excursion accommodate in sledge, are given for rent for a small payment.
Bath cost – 700 rubles from the person/ 2 hours.
Persons interested for an additional fee can go to Huskies parks “Forest Elan” in the last day instead of the offered excursion. (To register in advance when booking tour).
The tour operator reserves the right for change of an order of holding excursion actions depending on meteoconditions.



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