Solovetsky Islands (1 day)


Visit one of the greatest historical and architectural monuments of the Russian North! The tour program includes:

  • Journey to the Solovetsky Islands in the White sea
  • Sightseeing tour of the Solovetsky Kremlin
  • Walking tour “the Cape of labyrinths
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Tour description

Solovki is a kind of monument to the human spirit. Living here could only persistent people with great strength of will and an iron character. For Russians, the Solovetsky Islands are associated with tragic events for the country. Here very beautiful nature, ready to strangle in his arms unprepared.

Solovki is an archipelago in the White sea, consisting of 6 large and over 100 small Islands. Once there was only inhabited by monks, hidden from the Madding crowd. Today, the island’s tourists come: some out of idle curiosity, some in search and discovery.


The tour program

Day 1

Departure from Murmansk at 23.00 from the parking of the hotel “Moryak” (Knipovicha, 23).Check-in is possible for tourists on the route (Olenegorsk, Monchegorsk, Kandalaksha). Tourists landing from Apatity and Kirovsk is at the crossroads of highway “Kola” M-18 and the road to Apatity.

Day 2
Kem – Solovetsky Islands – Kem

Arrival in Kem, port village Rabocheostrovsk, Breakfast, boarding boat “Vasily Kosyakov”.Journey through the White sea on the Big Solovetsky island, during which you can admire the spectacular views across Islands to observe sea ducks and Arctic terns, feed the gulls, and if you’re lucky – to see the famous white sea seals and white whales.

The program of stay on the island (7 hours):
Sightseeing tour of the Solovetsky Kremlin, acquaintance with its history and architecture, visiting the Central complex of the monastery, operating temples, objects of economic activities of the monastery, monuments included in the world heritage List of UNESCO.
Walking tour “the Cape of labyrinths” on the picturesque shores of the White sea, where you will see “dancing” birches Solovki and “the maze” – a spiral stone laying, a cultural monument of prehistoric civilizations.

Optionally, you can visit:
  • Maritime Museum, the collections of which tell about the development of marine spaces and coastal areas of the Russian North;
  • the Gulag Museum (the ticket costs 200 rubles.);
  • the Museum of the cadet school (free admission);
  • the Maritime Museum (free admission);
  • souvenir pavilions and brand store in Arkhangelsk seaweed plant.
Boarding a ship. Return to the port of the village Rabocheostrovsk. Dinner in the cafe. Transfer to Murmansk.
Day 3
Kem – Murmansk
Arrival in Murmansk.

Important information

  • when visiting temples, women should be covered head (to carry a shawl or scarf);
  • the Islands are only two mobile network operators: Beeline and Tele2.
The bus is equipped  with:
  • TV;
  • Сomfortable seats with seat belts.
Payment includes:
  • full transfer service (bus and steamship);
  • catering (1 breakfast, 1 dinner);
  • tickets, excursion service and guide on the Solovetsky Islands.


  • The price may vary. Specify the value of our managers!


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