The Solovetsky Islands (2 days trip)


Enjoy one of the greatest historical and architectural sights of the Russian North. The tour includes:

  • A voyage to the Solovetsky Islands over the White Sea
  • The Solovetskiy kremlin architecture sightseeing tour
  • Walking tour to the Labyrinth Cape
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Tour description

Tour programme

Day 1
Murmansk – Kem
Start from Murmansk at 11 p.m from the parking by “Moryak” hotel. Picking tourists from Olenegorsk, Monchegorsk, Kandalaksha – if needed. Groups from Apatity and Kirovsk are taken at the cross of “Kola” M-18 and road to Apatity.
Day 2
Kem – the Solovetsky Islands
Arrival to Kem, the port of Rabocheostrovsk.
Breakfast at cafe.
Embarkation on steamship “Vasily Kosyakov”.
During the cruise over the White Sea to Bolshoi Solovetsky Island, you will be able to admire picturesque islands, feed sea ducks and arctic terns. If you are lucky, you will see white sea seals and white whales.
Program on Big Solovetsky Island:
Round-up tour at the Solovetsky Kremlin, introduction into its history and architecture. The tour includes the central complex of the monastery, acting churches, objects of the economical activity of the monastery, monuments of UNESCO world heritage list.
Walking tour to the Labyrinth Cape along the  scenic coast of the White sea where it is possible to see “dancing” little birch trees  and labyrinths –  spirally laid out stones,  the monument of prehistoric civilisations culture.

Free time.
Optional visit to:
  • GULAG prison museum (entrance 200 rubles);
  • Cadet School Museum (free entrance);
  • Sea Museum (free entrance);
  • Souvenir shops of the Arkhangelsk seaweed  plant etc.

Checking in the hotel.

Day 3
the Solovetsky Islands – Kem – Murmansk
Checking out before 09:00
The personal belongings may be left at the luggage office.
Optional tour for extra payment:
Sea tour on a motor boat to the Big Zayatskiy Island (900 rubles/ 3,5 hours)a tour round the largest pagan sanctuary dated 1000-2000 B.C., the unique labyrinths, the complex of the religious and funeral constructions, The St. Andrew’s church, the first Russian stone harbor, monuments of the Andrew  Skete (community of Old Believers).
Excursion to the Macarius Hermitage – the northernmost botanic garden in Russia, visit to the
Archimandrite country house, the Alexandrovskaya Chapel, Memorial Cross.
Bus excursion to  the Sekirnaya Mountain, Saint Ascension Skete (900 rubles/4,5 hours). From the top of the Sekirnaya Mountain, the highest place of the island, there opens the unforgettable view of the White Sea and the Solovetsky Islands.
Embarkation on the steamship.
Arrival to Kem.
Dinner at the cafe.
Transfer to Murmansk.

Day 4
Kem – Murmansk
Arrival to Murmansk


  • ladies need to have scarves or neckerchiefs to cover their heads as entering churches;
  • there is no network coverage for Beeline and Tele2 on the island ;
  • if minimum size of the group is not complete payment refunds or the trip date shifts on agreement
The bus is equipped  with:
  • TV;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Сomfortable seats with seat belts.
Payment includes:
  • full transfer service (bus and steamship);
  • hotel accommodation  (double rooms);
  • extra payment for single room  – 1 500 rubles;
  • catering (2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner);
  • tickets, excursion service and guide on the Solovetsky Islands.


  • The price may vary. Specify the value of our managers!


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