Tour on jeeps on the North of the Kola Peninsula “the 69th parallel”

of 8 days / 7 nights

of 69 a parallel – the most northern edge of Russia, the severe land allocated with absolutely unique charm. Scala’s , breaking in the sea, the real mountain tundra carpeted from a dwarfish birch and a reindeer lichen – the main forage of reindeers. In these parts invisibly there is a spirit of eternity.

A still here was war which has left behind numerous not healing wounds. We will pass old front roads , we will visit the thrown caves, we will rise by anonymous skyscrapers, still surrounded with ranks of entrenchments and a rusty barbed wire …

Attention! are accepted by of the Application not later than 30 days prior to the tour in connection with execution of admissions in a border area.

All programs active, excursion and informative, “photogenic”, in a format “without backpacks”. It for inquisitive active people of any age and family with children.

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Tour description

Type of a tour: jeep tour, off-road bus tour

route Extent: 650 km

Age restrictions : passengers – since 10 years, driving the jeep since 18 years with the rights.

Placement on a route: in tents

Даты заездов: 14-21.07

group Size:

– on UAZ – 2-4 persons,

– on Sadko (GAZ 3308) – 5-15 persons

tour Cost:

– on UAZ (the 3rd persons) of 63250 rub/1 persons

– on UAZ (the 2nd persons) of 76450 rub/1 persons

– on Sadko 53900 rub/1 persons

is included In the price : work of the qualified guide, rent of equipment (2-3-seater tents, heat-insulating rugs, sleeping bags, kostrovy equipment, kempingovy tents), lease of the off-road car, placement and food on the program.

the Recommended equipment: warm winds – and the moisture protective clothes and footwear allowing to feel comfortably at a temperature from +5 with wind and a rain to +20, a reliable rain set, spray from mosquitoes, the personal first-aid kit, personal ware (a mug, a spoon, a bowl).

Don’t forget the policy of compulsory health insurance and the passport!

Program of a tour

1 day

a group Meeting at the railway station Murmansk (Murmasha’s airport).

Murmansk – air defense memorial (a panorama to Murmansk through Kola Bay) – of Dolin Slava – visit of restored mountain егерского a strong point at height of “Bienenkorb” – Adolf Hitler Weg Road – German hospital – mountain егерский укрепрайон “Edelweisscuppe”.

Obed in way. Dinner, spending the night in tents.

Day stage: 90 km asphalt, 20 km soil, off road.



“Edelweisscuppe” – Titovka (visit of the museum of the Titovsky defensive boundary) – falls – Pass Musta Tunturi – descent to the Barents pestilence – a lip Small Volokovaya. At good weather – pedestrian pass to the place of the last fight of reconnaissance group of the captain Yunevich.

Obed in way. A dinner, spending the night in tents on the bank of the Barents Sea

Day stage: 12 km asphalt, 60 km soil, off road.



the Lip Small Volokovaya – the thrown Soviet coastal battery (Sredny Peninsula, 4 cannon towers, underground casemates) – the ancient Lappish pagan temple on the seashore Two Brothers – the item. Big Ozerko – the cape German (the most northern point of the European mainland of Russia) – tremendous rocks of the cape Kekursky, a midnight sun over the ocean.

Obed in way. Dinner, spending the night in tents.

Day stage: ~ of 85 km soil, off road.



the Cape Kekursky – the thrown Skorbeevka garrison – the Bay Skorbeevskaya (falls, the mouth of the river of Skorbeevki , rocks, tundra open spaces, survey of a zone of a geological fault, a labyrinth Lapland) – return to the cape Kekursky.

Obed in the bay Skorbeevskaya, a dinner on the bivouac. Spending the night in tents

Day stage: ~ of 55 km soil.



Cape Kekursky – Big Ozerko – a special troops chapel – height “An eagle nest” – the bay Kutovaya – Ridge Musta Tunturi – pedestrian rise on the German and Soviet positions on Ridge Musta Tunturi, spending the night.

Day stage: ~ of 80 km soil.

Obed in way. Dinner, spending the night in tents .



Musta Tunturi – the German front roads – of the item of Pechenga – it is mountain – an egersky memorial of “Eismeerfront” in Parkkin – Liinakhamari – the flooded “FAU-2 mines” – spending the night on the bank of the Barents Sea in a bay Western.

Day stage: ~ of 95 km soil, 45 km asphalt

Obed in way. Dinner, spending the night in tents.



Day’s rest in the bay Western – pedestrian pass on a mountain egerskim to tracks on the peninsula German, survey of vaults of the German coastal battery.

Lunch, dinner on the bivouac, spending the night in tents. Field bath.



The bay Western – Liinakhamari – Murmansk. Departure of group from the railway station Murmansk (Murmasha’s airport). 12 km of off-road, 160th asphalt.




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