Tour on the jeeps “Russian Lapland”


8 дней/ 7 ночей

The Russian Lapland – the amazing region where ways of two absolutely different cultures – the Kola Sami, primitive hunters and reindeer breeders and the Russian Pomors, descendants of Novgorodians were crossed. We suggest you to feel spirit of this earth not through glass of museum show-windows, and through direct feelings driving the all-wheel drive car.

for Only several days we should pass the most part of the route of legendary trofi-raid Arktik Trofi – to rise by kilometer height and to go down to the sea , to get over through stone scatterings, to overcome uncountable streams and the rivers , to pass on колеям old forest roads , to escape to spacious beaches of the White Sea , to plunge into the sandy desert … and to return to a civilization.

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Tour description

Type of a tour: jeep tour, off-road bus tour

route Extent: ~ of 1100 km

Placement on a route : guest houses (3 nights), tents (3 nights).

Даты заездов: 22-29.07

group Size:

– on UAZ – 2-4 persons,

– on Sadko (GAZ 3308) – 5-15 persons

tour Cost:

– on UAZ (3-4 persons) of of 65000 rub/1 persons

– on UAZ (the 2nd persons) of of 76000 rub/1 persons

– on Sadko (5-15 persons) of of 53000 rub/1 persons

is included In the price : work of the qualified guide, rent of equipment (3-4-seater tents, heat-insulating rugs, sleeping bags, the kostrovy equipment, kempingovy tents), lease of the off-road car, fuel and lubricants, food and accommodation on the program, an insurance.

the Recommended equipment: warm vetro-and the moisture protective clothes and footwear allowing to feel comfortably at a temperature from +5 with wind and a rain to +20, a reliable rain set, spray from mosquitoes, the personal first-aid kit, personal ware (a mug, a spoon, a bowl).

don’t forget the policy of compulsory health insurance and the passport!

Program of a tour

1 day

a group Meeting at the railway station Olenegorsk.

Olenegorsk – a magnetitovy pit – the item Revda – rise to mountains, passing of 2 tops of the Lovozersky massif more than a kilometer high – Аллуайв (1050) of m, Kedykverpakhk (1106 m) with a panorama on the tundra and lakes, Khibiny Mountains, the lake Seydozero , the cult place of the Kola Sami.

Obed in way. A dinner, spending the night in tents in at руч. Shomiyok.

Day stage: 75 km asphalt, 45 km of off road

2 день


Descent on a spur in the item Revda – the museum of Lovozersky GOKA – a section of the route Arktik Trofi of “1000 streams” – 50 km of the stony roads similar to a stone trial, overcoming fords through mountain streams.

Obed in way. A dinner, spending the night near the lake at the former geodetic tower.

Day stage: 80 km of off road, soil



Movement along old forest roads along a route: Punchozero – ruins of the 72 km camp on the beriyevsky road 509 – the ground abandoned with an avia.

Obed in way. A dinner, spending the night on the bank of the lake.



the Thrown airfield Goltsovy – the item. October – Kirovsk – Kuelporr Ministry of Emergency Situations base. From Kirovsk the movement to the picturesque gorge crossing Khibiny Mountains from the North on the South.

Day stage: 55 km of off road, 45 km asphalt

Obed in way. Dinner, spending the night in Kuelporr hotel in 2-seater numbers .


the Breakfast in hotel.

the Radial route in Khibiny Mountains: the survey platform for Kuelporr the Risyok falls – Umbozersky pass (30 km).

Pedestrian pass on falls under Pass Umbozersky.

Obed in way. Dinner. Bath (at will). Spending the night in Kuelporr hotel.


the Breakfast in hotel.

Movement on a route: Kuelporr – Kirovsk – Kandalaksha – a neolytic labyrinth on the bank of the White Sea – the item of Umba – the beacon in the village of Kashkarantsy – a chapel of the Anonymous Monk Tersky – the cape Ship.

Obed in way. Dinner. Spending the night on the bank of the White Sea on the Boat stream.

of 220 km asphalt, 40 km soil.



Departure on a route: the cape Ship – Kuzomen in sandy dunes in the mouth of the river Varzuga – of the village Varzuga (one of the earliest settlements of the Russian Pomors on the Tersky coast, wooden church XVIII). Excursion to amethyst veins. From the cape Ship to page Varzuga Road will run on sandy dunes and an outflow of the White Sea. A lunch in way. Final fire, salmon fish soup.

70 км грунт, off road.


Breakfast. Movement on a route: the cape Ship – Umba (visit of a souvenir workshop) – Kandalaksha. A lunch in way. Departure from the railway station Kandalaksha. of 120 km soil, 110 km asphalt.


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