Passengers of ferries will learn how to spend 72 hours in Murmansk

The Ministry of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development of the Murmansk region will tell the guests of the polar capital, who have come from other countries by ferries, where they can have a  rest. The specialists will create a catalog with the main sights, shops and hotels of the city.

“When the tourist arrived in Murmansk by ferry, they have only 72 hours to do something. Therefore, we asked tour operators to provide us with any tourist programs that will be suitable for these 72 hours, or to develop something new. After that, we will unite all the programs into one and place them in our catalog, “said Marina Kovalchuk, an expert of the tourism development department of the Ministry of Industry of the Murmansk region.

She also notes that the catalog will be published, it is planned to distribute it in international travel companies and in the territory of the Murmansk region.


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on Apr 26, 2017

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