Pasvik Nature reserve

24 years ago it was founded Reserve Pasvik

“Pasvik” State Nature Reserve was established July 16, 1992. Creating a nature reserve in the unfavorable ecological situation on the Pechenga area of the Murmansk region was the result of cooperation between the two countries in the area of unique beauty and importance of northern nature.


Reserve an area of 16.64 thousand. ha., it is located on the shores of the River Paz (hence received the name) on both sides of the state border between Russia and Norway.



The reserve was created as a reserve for the protection of habitats and nesting waterfowl. Under the protection of the same are different mammals: bears, moose, and others.



Valley River Paz – is a land of majestic pines, boulders placers, numerous lakes. The diversity of nature reserve and its mosaic is caused by many factors. The oldest of their formation rocks come to the surface. Small height of the hill, the hill ridges, hollows modern lakes formed by glacier activity. For a long time lasts the polar night and polar day. Northern boreal forest gradually gives way to tundra and forest tundra, like when moving from south to north, and the ascent of Mount Kalkupya, is kind of the center of the protected area.



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