In Roslyakovo arrived the ark with the relics of the newcomers

The Ark of the 54 Saints of the Russian Church arrived in the church of St. Archangel Michael of God in Roslyakovo. In the Arctic, the Ark has already visited the temples of Luostari, Zapolyarny, Severomorsk and Zaozersk. After Roslyakovo the course will go to Umba, Varzuga, Polar and Snezhnogorsk.

The ark contains particles of the relics of the New Martyrs, who suffered for their religious beliefs. Some were punished with camp work, some were executed. Thus, in the ark there are the relics of Patriarch Tikhon, Bishop Hilarion Vereisky, Bishop Hermogen of Tobolsk and Princess Elizabeth Feodorovna.


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on Oct 31, 2017

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