The Day of Russia

On June 12, our country marks an important state holiday – the Day of Russia, or the Day of adoption of the Declaration on the State Sovereignty of Russia, as it was called this holiday until 2002. This is one of the most “young” public holidays in the country.

Today the Day of Russia increasingly acquires patriotic features and becomes a symbol of national unity and common responsibility for the present and future of our Motherland. It is a holiday of freedom, civil peace and the good consent of all people on the basis of law and justice. On this day across the country there are many solemn and festive events, in which residents of our country of all ages take part. In the Kremlin, the President of Russia presents the State Prizes of the Russian Federation, and the main celebrations, of course, take place in Moscow on Red Square and end with a grandiose salute in honor of the Day of Russia.


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on Jun 08, 2018

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