The fourth cruise to the North Pole has finished “50 years of the Victory”

The atomic ice breaker “50 years of the Victory” has returned to Murmansk from the next tourist flight, the press service of Federal State Budgetary Institution National Park Russkaya Arktika has reported.

Because of small amount of ice, in the Arctic there has come the summer, in borders of the archipelago of Franz Josef Land, polar bears participants of flight saw infrequently, only 3 copies for all cruise. But the trip was rich on walruses – they were seen on the ice floes floating by, near the island of Apollonova, in a bay Silent and even on the way to the North Pole. On the pole of the bathing tourists the seal has greeted, having come up directly at the swimming bath.

Ahead one more, finishing flight. This time travelers are waited by a cruise to a pole with calling on the territory of the biggest Russian especially protected natural territory, the Big Arctic national natural park (it is organized in 1993) – its area is 42 thousand square kilometers.


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on Sep 07, 2018

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