The interesting facts about Sami. Did you know that there is the Lappish soccer?)

Scientists believe that Sami, or falls, have come from the most ancient population of Northern Europe. In our country — on the Kola Peninsula — there were only 2 thousand representatives whose most part lives in the village Lovozero. In Norway, Sweden and Finland — about 80 thousand Sami.

In the ancient time Sami were shamans and predictors. They worshipped natural phenomena, trees and mountains. Fishing, hunting and reindeer breeding – the main of trade. Deer served as food, transport (Sami moved on cervine teams), covered with their skins plagues, also from skins sewed clothes. In a men’s suit to leather shorts high leather footwear from buckskin was fastened. For national Lappish clothes bright fabrics which were decorated by a tape and beads were used.

Today Sami have replaced cervine and dogsleds with snowmobiles, have put on a layered clothing under cervine skins. But still locals sing songs about life in the tundra, about moving on cervine teams and retell myths and legends of the surprising people.

The interesting facts about Sami:

● In old family way the wife was not only the housewife, but also participated in crafts (fishing, sometimes even reindeer breeding). Duties between the husband and the wife were distributed evenly
● Ancient Sami had till 10-11 children
● Ancient Sami, as well as representatives of other northern people, in the ancient time castrated deer teeth. Such way did animals by more obedient, but unlike full removal by a knife, didn’t influence production of testosterone which helps deer to gain necessary muscle bulk.

● At now Sami have the football national team which in 2006 has won a victory on the FIFA World Cup among the unrecognized national teams.


Where now it is possible to get acquainted with Sami?

Museum under the open sky Saami village. Here the tour to the Lappish village is regularly conducted. Murmansk region is the only region where Sami are presented in Russia.

Coordinates for GPS: 68 °08’00.7″N 33 °55’57.6″E
From Murmansk to the Lappish village of exactly 100 km. on the highway, from Olenegorsk — 38 km.

Tours where we visit the Lappish village

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