The largest sailing ship in the world “Sedov” is again arriving in Murmansk!

Next week, a sailboat Sedov will arrive in the port of Murmansk. From August 1 to August 3, an “open ladder” will be organized at Sedov. Guests will be taken from 10.00 to 20.00.

For hundreds of Murmansk residents, the Sedov Deck has become a real school of life. The Murmansk people sincerely love this wonderful ship, are proud of it, rejoice in its success, and worry about it during long expeditions.

Bark “Sedov” – the world’s largest sailing ship. The vessel was built in Germany in 1921 and was used as a cargo and training. After the war, our country received a sailing ship for reparations, and in 1991 it was transferred to Murmansk State Technical University. Today, hundreds of cadets are practicing on the ship.

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on Jul 25, 2019

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