The Northern Lights season started in the Murmansk region!

Yesterday, on September 1, the Northern Lights season started in the Murmansk region!

Everyone knows that in Murmansk we have the Northern Lights season from September to April, but it is surprising that it appeared on the 1st day! Now in Murmansk there are still trees with green foliage?, the sun is shining and very warm, but the Northern Lights shimmer at night ?! Here is such an irreversible our land! ?

For this reason, we invite you to our cozy Aurora Village complex, where you can observe the Northern Lights directly in a warm bed, looking through panoramic windows!

Friends, also do not forget that on our website you can see the forecast of the Northern Lights for 27 days. When the KP index is -3, you can observe a good northern lights. But the forecast may change dramatically in a few days. Download our application in AppStore or GooglePlay and follow the forecast of the Northern Lights! It’s free. You can download our applications from the link below?


All information about Aurora Village reservations and VisitMurmansk you can be found on the link below or write to us in message

Photo: Grigory Paramonov,

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