The program of festivals of Murmansk region for the summer 2018

Every year in our region the list of interesting events and festivals is replenished. We suggest to get acquainted with the forthcoming events of summer of 2018!

Pomor regatta

Date: on July 7-8, 2018

Since 1998 in the Pomor village Umba there passes the Pomor regatta. Her guests can not only look at competitions, but also take part in them. Persons are allowed to them 16 years ready to row by the wooden boat (a five-meter karbas or a three-meter podjezdka) are more senior.

From year to year skilled oarsmen try to conquer the small gulf Small Piryevaya a lip which from three parties washes Umbu. Also Pomor regatta is a big holiday with songs, dances, trade in souvenirs, tasting of the dishes prepared according to ancient recipes and directly in the fresh air.

Festival “Teriberka. New life of 2018”

Date: on July 21-22, 2018.

Perhaps, one of the most interesting events of this summer in Murmansk region!

Creation History

Here what is written by creators of a festival about the project: “Tourism, sport, a gastronomy, local products, music, the modern art, children’s holidays, collecting and utilization of garbage, a forum on work of small business and large investors, architectural and urbanistic shape Nova Teriberki – such is the festival agenda.

The small settlement of Teriberka on the bank of the Barents Sea after a release of the movie “Leviathan” has become famous for the whole world, having become a sad symbol of all Russian troubles at once. The farmer cooperative Lavkalavka and fund of development of rural territories “Continent” in response to a talk on the Russian melancholy have decided to work and draw general attention to Teriberka. And to show that the set of potentials for development disappears in her.

After our festivals in 2015, 2016 and 2017 to Teriberka there have gone tourists, and after them – investors. On the picturesque coast of the Barents Sea three new hotels and restaurant have already opened, the diving school is constructed. Construction of a house, in plans – construction of new housing and arrangement of places for cultural rest is resumed. The road from Murmansk is repaired, the huge dump on the way to falls is liquidated, dozens of investors want to develop business here.”


The exact program is still unknown, but here some results of last festival – “4000 guests, ten new tourist objects left in a gift to Teriberka, an eco-trail, tours by the ships and helicopters, kiting, diving, the top officials of the Russian rock and rap, an unprecedented rave in rocks, the sea of gastronomic opening, the equipment for 150 thousand rubles as a gift local school and the master development plan for the settlement which will become model for revival of dozens of abandoned Arctic settlements.”

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It will be possible to study the program of a festival here:

Holiday of the Pomor kozula

Date: 4.08.2018

In one more Pomor village of Kuzreka that is near Umboy, every summer, usually in August, passes a holiday of the Pomor kozula.

Kozulya is ancient ceremonial cookies from the rye test which since the 12th century were baked for guessing, attraction of happiness and the benefits. And children played to them instead of other toys. The holiday began to be spent rather recently — in 2010. But it is already one of the main brands of Murmansk region. On him it is possible to hear rare folklore songs and fairy tales which are carefully stored by generations of Pomors, to see dances. And, the main thing to participate in master classes in production of a kozula. On them will tell about symbolics in a toy, for example, that means different number of horns at deer what figure to present to the family dreaming of the child, to the one who is sick or wants that the house was a full bowl.

Guests of a holiday are treated surely with the Pomor fish soup and other fish dishes.

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