Very soon season of Aurora Borealis! You look in our new video

Very soon the surprising and fantastic time of Aurora Borealis will begin… The poured game of color fires in the sky, a snow crunch under legs, a light frost, warm stories and a cup of the warming tea… All this can be felt literally in 3 months.

But the season of Aurora Borealis will open in September, and driving on teams about huskies or reindeers, a snowmobile safari, winter fishing and other winter pleasures will begin at the end of November-December and will last up to the end of April! The truth to get acquainted with lovely northern animals and it is possible to plunge into the Lappish culture already now in Lappish near Olenegorsk

And we invite you in Aurora Village!

Aurora Village – the small village far from a civilization on the bank of the Barents Sea flowing into the Arctic Ocean. Special a needle with a transparent roof will allow to observe the star sky, and if carries, to see Aurora Borealis from September to April. But be not afraid to pass this miracle of the nature! We with our guests hunt for Aurora Borealis and specially we go to those places where the sky the cleanest and allows to see the Polar Lights in all beauty!

You can visit us now or in advance take care of your winter rest as is closer to winter very strongly demand for a needle increases in Aurora Village!

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