Video. Our presentation about Murmansk at the Seatrade CRUISE & RIVER CRUISE CONVENTION exhibition

The Seatrade CRUISE & RIVER CRUISE CONVENTION exhibition has ended today. The next exhibition will be held September 8-10, 2021.

Our short presentation drew attention to the Port of Murmansk as a new direction. Cruise lines are very wary of a large cold Russia with strange rules and foundations. It is necessary to explain and popularize our Northern port and the Gateway to the Arctic. I was very worried and the speech was not at a good level, but out of 18 speakers from different ports, 7th place in the presentation at the exhibition, which is dedicated to a narrow circle of professionals, is a normal result. In a year we will give the floor to younger colleagues with good English, so the level of presentation and pronunciation should be artistic, it is necessary to prove that our port is worthy and why Murmansk.

Below is the text of my speech:

∙ Hello, My name is Oleg Terebenin. I have been living in Murmansk since birth and I am not indifferent to what is going to happen to my homeland in the future. Murmansk is the largest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle, as well as a large Russian sea ice-free port with year-round navigation. ∙ Our port has been accepting cruise ships since 1997

. Murmansk has got a new modern marine station with fast border clearance for passengers. Murmansk Maritime station is also friendly for people with disabilities.

∙ The world’s first atomic icebreaker “Lenin” stands at the neighbor pier. Now icebreaker “Lenin” has become a very interesting museum. You can travel from Murmansk to the North Pole aboard an atomic icebreaker In the summer,. Murmansk is the only nuclear-powered icebreaker-based port.

∙ Since 2016, passengers on international cruises can stay in Russia for 72 hours without a visa. We have the opportunity not only to accommodate the vessel in the port, but also accommodtion for all passengers on the tour. We can offer special programms to your passengers to show the untouched beauty of northern nature, to get with northern cuisine, as well as to offer relaxation and sightseeing programms these days.

Discover new destinations of Arctic adventures in Russia with us!

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