We congratulate on the Great Easter Holiday! 

Easter is the most considerable and important holiday in the calendar of east and western Slavs! Easter is celebrated in the family.

? What meaning of the holiday? ?

The old holiday of Easter, Light Christ’s Sunday, has roots deeply in the past and extends to all Christian world. Each religion is saturated the different easter traditions and ceremonies.
On Christian customs, Easter the most solemn of holidays, symbolizes Jesus Christ’s revival. What interestingly, from year to year, travels easter day around the calendar, without having the fixed date (usually at the end of April). The light holiday of revival symbolizes revival of the nature – the first spring sunny days, warmly, everything around turns green, blossoms, triumphs.

? How do celebrate? ?

The main symbols of Easter are an Easter cake (cake with glaze) and colored eggs. Before Easter all paint eggs in different colors.
One of the most remarkable customs – to break eggs the friend against the friend. According to a belief if egg bears blow, then and you will not break up this year from problems and your spirit will be strong.

The modern celebration of Easter keeps the majority of the main traditions of a holiday from ancient times. All sincerely want that easter days off were memorable for all family.

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