Who doesn’t need the visa to Russia?

In what case it is possible to arrive to Russia without visa?

1.To enter the list of the countries with a visa-free regime (to read below)

2.To be subject to a special visa regime (to read below)

As for China, that now the Russian and Chinese travelers can mutually drive according to visa-free lists in the groups from five to 50 people and be in Russia and China 15 days.

But now the countries consider the new agreement, who assumes reduction of the minimum number of tourists in group to three people and increase in term of visa-free stay in the country up to 21 days!

What countries entering the list of visa-free?

Residents of these countries can be in Russia up to 90 days of single stay from 180: Azerbaijan, Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominica, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Cuba, Mauritius, Macedonia, Moldova, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, Serbia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Montenegro, Chile, Ecuador, Republic of South Africa.

Special visa regime

  1. Children who haven’t reached sixteen-year age. 
  • The visa isn’t required to the child 16 years are younger if he is entered in the passport of parents and travels together with them.
  • When the name of the child isn’t entered in passports of parents or he travels without their maintenance, on him it is necessary to issue the visa. It will be valid in the presence of notarized consent from parents (trustees).
  • If the child and parents have different surnames, he requires execution of the visa with the birth certificate attached to it.
  1. The passengers traveling on cruise liners.
  • The visa isn’t required to passengers of the cruise liner if time of stay of the vessel in port more than 72 hours, and passengers spend the night onboard the vessel.
  • St. Petersburg is the only point of stay on all route along which the vessel follows.
  • To the passengers leaving the ship only within the organized tour, receipt of a visa isn’t required.
  • The passenger is forbidden to leave the vessel in case of expiration of his passport or lack of the voucher from host.
  • The citizens of other states traveling on the cruise liner persons interested to proceed out of borders of the territory of port out of organized tours, have to issue in advance the Russian visa (the decision on issue of visa or refusal is accepted in Embassy of the Russian Federation, and in port documents can’t be processed).

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