Base Kildin East

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Base “Kildin East” is located on Kildin Island in the Barents Sea. Nearest town: Teriberka – 20 miles, Severomorsk – 35 miles..

The marine fauna around the island is rich with such representatives as cod, herring, halibut, catfish, and larger representatives of: dolphins, Bulakh, seals and seals, killer whales.



The closest to the base of the rivers Zarubiha, Tipanovka, Klimkovka can catch salmon, salmon and Arctic char.

Hunting is possible for such animals and fowl as:

  • geese;
  • duck;
  • hare;
  • foxes;
  • brown bears.

By the way, in recent years the number of bears in the north of the Kola Peninsula has grown, so experienced hunters do not recommend to go here alone, without a guide.
Not far from the base “Kildin East” is the legendary Lake “Mogil’noe” amazing natural heritage. In this unique lake inhabited both freshwater fish and the people and marine representatives, through the distribution of salt and fresh water layers.


Chetyrehkvartirnym one-story house, and, if necessary, military tent for 10 people base housing fund is presented. At the same time base can take from 10 to 20 people. In a residential building provided stove heating electrification by diesel generators. Each apartment in the house is equipped with beds for 3-5 occupants, a kitchen with gas stove and cooking utensils. Also at the hostel arranged a traditional sauna, several utility rooms.

Despite the remoteness from civilization, the island is accessible mobile communications operator – “Megafon”. Take guests base prepared from 15 March to 15 October.

Base provides a full 3-course meal for the visitors. For fishing and hunting provided for delivery to the place of fishing boats and boats. On the base you provide the necessary hunting and fishing gear and tackle.

The base is cooperating with North Sea Yacht Club, which will provide you rent a boat or a boat with a captain.


We draw your attention to the fact that the base is located in the area of border management, so it is necessary to visit the crossing clearance documents. base “Kildin East” Administration is assisting in the design of badge, which must be treated no less than 30 days before the planned trip.

Base staff will assist you in the processing of trophies.

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