Fishery base “Efimozero”

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Murmansk region, Lovozero district

The fish farm “Efimozero” is a remote quiet place, suitable for lovers of wildlife. Here you are surrounded by a virtually untouched tundra and polar forests. The places around Efimozer are truly wild, since it is quite difficult to get here, even in the summer. Nevertheless, lovers of this extreme rest do not stop this.



Guests of the base can stay in a five or six-bed house. The houses are electrified by a mobile generator. Each house has a kitchen with a gas stove, stove heating.


Also on the base there is a Russian bath. Trophies of fishers on Efimozere can be: whitefish, grayling, trout, pike, perch. Efimozer’s tourist possibilities are also quite wide. The lake and the base are located at the foot of the Keiva Upland. Of particular interest is Mount Humperweave, the highest point of the Caves, as well as the peaks: “Bell Tower” and “Issakievsky Cathedral”.


For more information call:+7(921)271-17-30

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