Guest house “Berloga” on Imandra lake

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Recreation center, guest house “Berloga” on Imandra lake
Amazing and unique nature of the Kola Peninsula. High, breathtaking mountain ranges, this mountain tundra, covered with a carpet of dwarf birch, beautiful lakes, swift northern rivers …
Right next to us is located Khibiny Mountains – the highest mountain range of the Murmansk region. Hibin highest point rises above sea level to 1200 m. The country of lakes called the Murmansk region. In the area – more than one hundred thousand lakes. The biggest of them – Imandra, located in the vicinity of Apatity – considered one of the largest lakes in Europe and Russia.








The convenient location of our guest house in the wilderness, far from civilization, It allows a person to get real – the best rest, at least for a time to protect themselves from the frantic pace life and experience the thrill from the usual, but such favorite and infrequent cases, a quiet fishing,  “Quiet hunt”, sauna and swimming in the crystal clear water of the song with a guitar by the campfire, barbecue and smoking fish, and much more. In the end, the people behind that and go on vacation, to feel again the universal values – so allow yourself to it and you!
Guest house “Berloga” is in an exceptional location in the lake Imandra surrounded by very close a mountain range Hibin. amazingly clean air and natural beauty create an atmosphere of peace of mind and privacy. Perfect conditions for comfortable in winter and summer attract lovers of a relaxing holiday away from the crowds and noise of the city.

Active guests can enjoy winter skiing, cheesecakes, ice skating. In the summer you can go on a boat with oars, to fish. Your catch you can cook on the coals, what will please your family and yourself. In non-winter season for themselves can find no little amusement at the guest house. Play active games outdoors: badminton, ball games, ride a bike or simply stroll along the lake shore or the guesthouse “Berloga”. We also want to focus your attention to the Café “Berloga” which is at the heart of our territory in the woods near the lake and next to a clearing where you can affliction fireworks, summer or winter to spend interesting competitions or simply a breath of fresh air after your banquet noise, holiday, anniversary, wedding or birthday.


Everyone strives with great enthusiasm and pleasant troubles to make your holiday a memorable one individual and every year we spend our holidays in the city walls -in restaurants, cafes, or in more-or any public places, and it becomes some sort of routine and boring commonplace! BERLOGA exclusively offers a new, interesting an unforgettable scale of your holiday. Let’s start with the fact that the cafe “Berloga” may take up to 60 any guests you can either rent a hall for your holiday completely, or to book a table if you have a small number of guests. It is also possible to organize your holiday like your own, and our experts for the holidays.


Our chefs are on their own, after agreeing with you, prepare a festive table from our menu, to save you from this hassle, but also you can do it on their own. Also we can provide a shuttle service for your guests experienced drivers to back us and from the airports and the city of Murmansk Apatit and the nearby towns of Monchegorsk, Apatity, Polar Zorya, Kirovsk, Olenegorsk, Kandalaksha.
Rest on the lap of nature – that’s what everyone needs, so that later, with the charge of energy and optimism to continue their way of life, during workdays and cares, to go back to us.




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Phone: +79216286553

Address: Murmansk region, Guba Kislaya

Location : 25 km from the city of Apatity in the direction of the Leningrad highway, turn right or 3.5 km from otvorotka Apatity on the part of the Leningrad highway, turn left