The hostel “Lesnaya”

30 км от г. Кировска
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The hospitable recreation center “Lesnaya” is only 30 minutes away by car from the city of Kirovsk, Murmansk region (2 hours 23 minutes from Murmansk) and is oriented to active family rest. Cozy Finnish cottages, which include a kitchen, a sauna, a bathroom and a shower, are located on the shore of the largest and picturesque lake on the Kola Peninsula, Imandra. On the territory of the “Lesnaya” base there is a stand-alone VIP sauna, where you can relax after a walk on skiing or playing sports. “Forest” is surrounded by a pine forest, where paths are laid, inviting guests to take a breath for crystal clear pine air and feed the protein.

  • 30 minutes by car from Kirovsk
  • Cozy Finnish cottages with a kitchen
  • A stand-alone VIP sauna
  • Pine forest

The services:

We offer our guests high-level services: unforgettable fishing on the rivers and lakes of our Kola Peninsula, boat trips, famous ice fishing in the north, full rest, delicious food and, of course, the opportunity to relax in a real Russian sauna on firewood.

Accommodation in the camp site:

Holiday Village Lesnaya

Accommodation1 day (weekdays)1 day (days off: Fri.-Sat, Sat-Sun and Public Holidays)days (days off: Fri-Sun)1 day for stays of more than 6 nights
Cottage for 4 persons with bathroom and sauna7000 RUB.9000 RUB.16200 RUB.6300 RUB.
Cottage for 4 people with bathroom without sauna6000 RUB.8000 RUB.14400 RUB.5600 RUB.
VIP Cottage27000 RUB.30000 RUB.54000 RUB.21000 RUB.

* for those living in the cottage “Grill” is provided free of charge.

Services listWeekdaysFri, Sat, Sun and Public Holidays
Bath (session 4 hours) *4000 RUB.5000 RUB.
Additional hour of the bath (if there is no reservation for the next session)800 RUB.1000 RUB.
VIP bath (4 hours)8000 RUB.10000 RUB.
*additional hour (if there is no reservation for the next session)800 RUB.1000 RUB.


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