Church of St. Varlaam Keret

Мурманская область, г. Кола, ул. Приморская, 1.
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Church Barlaam Keret – Orthodox church in Kole, consecrated June 7, 2001 in honor of Varlaam Keret. The temple is ascribed to the Church of the Annunciation

Varlaam Keeretsky (in the world Vasily, about 1505 – about 1590) – Orthodox priest, later a monk; He spent the ascetic life on the Kola Peninsula in the XVI century. Revered Russian church in the face of the saint. Memory takes place November 6 on the Julian calendar (19 November on the Gregorian calendar). Revered in the Councils of the Kola and Karelian saints.


The temple is located in the former monastery island, where once stood the Kola-Pechenga Monastery and after prikladbischenskaya Church of St. Nicholas, which in Soviet times was dismantled for firewood.

In XX century, the island was connected to the shore.

On the island resembles a street named Stone island – this is the second name of the Monastery of the island. On the former island is an old Pomeranian cemetery located next to the church.



In 2011 a new church was 10 years old. overhaul of the church was held.

Local religious organization Orthodox Parish of the church of the Annunciation of the city of Kola Murmansk and Monchegorsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).

Rector: Archpriest Andrei Razinkov.

Address: Murmansk region, Kola Street. Seaside, 1.




Map of Church of St. Varlaam Keret