Monument to victims of the intervention

Россия, Мурманская область, Мурманск, Площадь Пять углов
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Monument to the Victims of intervention – a monument located on the central square of Five Corners of the city of Murmansk. One of the oldest monuments of the city.

Monument to victims of the military intervention of 1918-1920 was opened on November 7, 1927, the day of the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution. It located in a park on the streets of Leningrad. The author of the monument – an engineer AV Savchenko. “Murmanskzhilstroy” Build trust. The construction was conceived for a practical purpose – serve as a podium during the festivals and demonstrations. Next I was supposed to be a monument to Lenin.


In the spring of March 6, 1918 in the city of Murmansk with an English ship called “Glory” was planted marine infantry squad in the amount of 170 people. A day, next to the city’s raid came cruiser “Cochran”, referring to England, and the cruiser “Admiral On” from France. From that moment it became effective foreign intervention in the Russian North.

Buried 24 people – victims of prison Jokanga.

On the pedestal is carved:

Victims intervention of 1918-1920. Murmansk workers and fishermen on the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution.

Penitentiary in Iokange housed in the former naval base. The first batch of political convicts had been delivered to Iokangu September 23, 1919. Total for Fall 1919 in Iokangu 1,500 people were thrown: from liquidated penitentiary on the island Mudyug from Arkhangelsk provincial prison of those arrested in the front line.

Monument to the Victims of the intervention was the first memorial monument in Murmansk, erected on the funds collected by residents of a subscription to the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution – we can say, almost 11 years since the founding of the city. Formation of the monument was conceived on a mass grave of the fallen in battle participants in the uprising against the White Guards in the city of Murmansk, which occurred February 21, 1920. At the same place of the deceased prisoners, prisoners once iokangskoy in prison were found. In the central part of the city there are 136 burial. Their bodies were buried in a vacant lot under the name of Liberty Square, which at the time received its new name – the area of intervention Victims (or revolution). Seven years later, it was decided to erect a memorial on a mass grave, the author of which was the famous engineer while Savchenko AV The idea of the author was to highlight the utilitarian part, provided a platform for the special guests of honor of the city and for guidance during the different kinds of celebrations or demonstrations. According to the plan, it was supposed to be close to the statue of Lenin, yet this plan was never able to realize.


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The memorial was built by the hands of Murmansk builders of reinforced concrete, it took only two months. The decision of the monument was carried out in a constructive spirit, that is the impression of elegance and lightness of the entire structure. In the fall of November 7, 1927 the whole town gathered at the opening ceremony of the memorial, which was lavishly decorated with slogans and banners, as well as a large number of flags. On the site were the most exalted bearers equipped with red banners, as well as a brass band. During the ceremony, city residents heard fiery speeches, which literally pierced the heart of Murmansk and urged the proletariat to be worthy of and grateful memory of their comrades who fell heroically in the battle for the cause of all the people.

Over the 1930 to the perimeter of the monument was laid square, while on the sandy wasteland appeared two fountains, vibrant lawns, benches, as well as the planting of shrubs and flowers. If you judge the size of the green zone, in the past it was much smaller than the existing at the moment. The northern part was much earlier and surprisingly beautiful two-storey building, built of wood – the location of the various kinds of Soviet institutions. During World War II the Nazis completely destroyed the building, but after the war the whole territory in which it was located, just attached to the accommodation area of the square. It is this park has become a favorite place for the residents of Murmansk holidays. Throughout the year, you can meet a lot of people. Especially this place is beautiful in the summer, when the flowers are in bloom, the number and species of which literally astonishingly varied.
Location: Russia, Murmansk region, Murmansk, Five Corners Square



Map of Monument to victims of the intervention