Murmansk Regional Museum

пр. Ленина, 90, Мурманск, Мурманская обл., 183038
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Murmansk Regional Museum – the best in the Murmansk region in 2012!

In the course of the next regional competition “The best in the tourism industry of the Murmansk region”, organized by the Ministry of Economic Development Ministry of Defense, in the category “Best Museum” won the Murmansk Regional Museum.

At the end of 2012 the museum received about 70 thousand visitors. In the museum visited by cruise ship tourists, participants of various festivals, seminars and other forms of design activity, guests of honor and the delegation visited Murmansk.
The visitors got acquainted with a large number of temporary exhibitions on various subjects (50). The most ambitious museum event in 2012 was the Double Wires “Night at the Museum.”
The museum’s mission – to form a positive image of the Kola region and represent the best of what is available in the tourism industry of the Murmansk region, forming its positive appeal.
Commended the work of the museum staff is the key to further desire to improve the quality of museum services.




The oldest museum of the region, founded in 1926, is located in a building is a historical monument of the city. It is engaged in acquisition, storage, the popularization of historical and cultural monuments of the Murmansk region. Features 17 exposition halls. In the “Nature” is the only Russian exhibition of the seabed – a dry aquarium, a unique geological collection extracted from a depth of 100 m to 12 km during the drilling of the Kola super-deep well.

The entire history of the region from ancient times to the present day are on display: “. History of the region from ancient times until the XVII century”. “The farm and the Sami way of life in the XVIII – XIX centuries”, “Kola Peninsula XVII – n. XX century “,” October Revolution, the Civil War and intervention in Murmansk “,” Edge of the period 1920 -. 1930’s “,” Murmansk Region 1945-1985 “… The final section of the exhibition devoted to the history of changes in the political, social and economic spheres of life in the region from 1985 to the present day.



Every year the museum organizes over 50 exhibitions. Museum Library – one of the oldest in the area, has 18 thousand books and magazines on local history..

In the museum more than 150 thousand. Museum objects, exposed 25,000.

The visitors – residents and guests of the city and region, schoolchildren, students, foreign tourists.

Annual attendance – up to 100 000 people.

In January 1999, the museum received 4.5 million visitors.



In the structure of the territorial department of the museum 3 (museum of history, culture and life of Kola Sami – in Lovozero, museum of history, culture and life of Pomorie -. In a Umba, History Museum of Polar Olympiads -. In Murmansk).

Twice a year, on the basis of the museum held the regional scientific-practical conference of local lore.





Address: Lenina 90, Murmansk, Murmansk region, 183038..
Phone: 8 (815) 242-26-17
Established: October 17, 1926

Map of Murmansk Regional Museum