Nuclear-powered icebreaker “Lenin”

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“Lenin” – the atomic icebreaker, the world’s first surface ship with a nuclear power plant. Icebreaker was built in the Soviet Union, first and foremost, to serve the Northern Sea Route.

The world’s first nuclear-powered icebreaker, the first surface ship with nuclear propulsion. Icebreaker was built in the Soviet Union, first and foremost, to serve the Northern Sea Route. After working for 30 years, the icebreaker “Lenin” in 1989 was decommissioned and put on eternal parking in Murmansk.



In the four years that have passed from the time of the atomic icebreaker “Lenin” to the pier marine station in Murmansk May 5, 2009, it was visited by over 130 thousand tourists, carried out a large number of activities of the business, cultural and social orientation.




Sightseeing tour of the icebreaker lasts 60 minutes and includes:

  • wardroom with a display of music and a smoking salon;
  • dining room crew, which served as both a “floating cinema”; nasal turbogenerator (Machinery) department;
  • PEZH (post energy and vitality), which conducted control of the power plants ship;
  • medical unit, in the examination which includes a demonstration of the operating room, laboratory, x-ray and dental surgeries;
  • the former premises of the club, the so-called “museum in a museum”, where the crew of the former was created a small memorial exhibition, now regularly updated mementos;
  • post monitoring and repair management, through the observation windows where tourists can see the upper part of the structure of nuclear reactors;
  • captain’s cabin;
  • the bridge, where the tourists have the opportunity to look at the chart and current radio room.




Time of the excursions:

Wed-Fri: 12:00

Sat-Sun and public holidays: 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00

Mon-Tue: closed

Record on the tour by phone: 8 911 345 6777

Address: Murmansk, pr-d Port 25 (pontoon jetty Marine Station)





As part of the general groups:
ticket – 150 rubles / person..
Discounted ticket for an adult citizen of the Russian Federation – 100 rubles / person..
Discounted tickets for the citizen of the Russian Federation for children – 50 rubles / person..

Total group – is:
icebreaker visiting during one of the five established sessions
(See. Below showtimes)
without an appointment, in order of “first come first served”
restriction on the simultaneous stay on board – up to 80 people / hour..

Showtimes until 31.12.2016 g .:
sightseeing tour of the icebreaker on a daily basis,
except Monday and Tuesday – at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00;
visit the interactive exhibition “The atom and the Arctic” daily,
except Monday and Tuesday – at 13.00, 15.00.

Individual excursions
Each group of 1 to 20 inclusive:
in Russian – 1000 rubles. + Ticket price;
in English – 1200 rubles. + Ticket price.
Individually – a tour by appointment,
strictly on weekdays (Wednesday-Sunday), the time agreed
when booking.

Excursions on weekends (Monday-Tuesday):
by prior arrangement, the organization of excursions available
Only when ordering services for an amount not less than 4,000 rubles. for the group.

Exception: up to 31.12.2016, the Monday and Tuesday, which fall
Russian state holidays, are considered for the museum workers. These days
Icebreaker working in their standard schedule of sessions available
Entry into individual excursion programs, without the need
Order of Service for an amount not less than 4,000 rubles. for the group.

Map of Nuclear-powered icebreaker “Lenin”