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Tour description

In the old Pomeranian village Kuzreka was a big folk festival – “The Day of Roe.” So it called cookies, which was used for ritual purposes – for him to guess the fate of his store as talismans of love and family happiness, good luck in business, wealth and success.

The purpose of the festival – the preservation and development of indigenous traditions and customs of coast-dwellers.

The program – performances by folk groups, folk games and dances, local craft fairs, feast dishes Pomor kitchen, master classes on modeling Pomor Roe.


Our program:

Day 1:

  • Departure from Murmansk area hotel “Mariner”, ul. Knipovich, d.23.
  • “Vega” technical stop at the gas station in Kandalaksha.
  • Arrival in the village of Umba.
  • Accommodation at the hotel “economy” class (2-D and 3-bed rooms, shower and bathroom on the floor, there is a kitchen for cooking).
  • Moving to the village for a holiday Kuzreka Pomor Roe.

Kuzreka (Coos River) – a small Pomeranian village located in the district of the Murmansk region Ter, at the mouth of the same river. The current village Kuzreka appeared in the XVII century as Usolie Solovetsky monastery, and then to turn to the village. In 1900, in the village, there were 16 houses and 94 inhabitants. Today the village is Kuzreka dacha settlement and has no permanent population.


Rural Pomor festival program in the village of Roe Kuzreka “In a clearing near the well”:

  • 11.00 – 16.00 Rural Fair – exhibition.

Street artists: Pomeranian Roe, souvenirs, “Obzhorny number” – a treat for every taste!

  • 12.00 – Opening of the festival.
  • Folklore – the game program.

Performing groups from the cities of Murmansk, Apatity, Kandalaksha, Cola, Varzuga rural settlement, village. Umba folk games and fun. Beauty contest scarecrow.

  • 14.00 ‘Cause time – Master – class-hr “
  • Modeling Roe, master classes. Features of northern tea. tea tasting.
  • 15.00 “The Tale of the Russian sundress” -selskoe catwalk
  • 16.00 Awarding. Closing the festival.


Guests are invited to feast on an excursion in the “Pomor barn” at the Exhibition of ancient crafts and toys. The villagers are preparing an exhibition of scarecrows, their crafts and refreshments.

  • Lunch (optional, extra charge).
  • Return to Umba.
  • Free time.
  • Dinner (you can cook yourself or a café).


Day 2:

  • Breakfast in the cafe.
  • Visiting the museum “Petroglyphs Kanozero”.

Petroglyphs – it figures, carved on stone. All figures are similar in name, but each cluster of petroglyphs has its own peculiarities. Kanozero – it is the largest river Umba reach a length of 26 kilometers. Kanozero Petroglyphs were opened July 5, 1997 an employee of the museum Revdinskogo Yuri Ivanov and considered to be one of the most ancient traces of man on the Kola earth. Scientists have established the approximate age of the petroglyphs – 4-6 thousand years. During the tour of the museum staff will tell a lot about these unique ancient drawings.

  • Master-class on making the North a souvenir with your own hands. Everyone will be able to draw a petroglyph rock dust and take with them a memorable gift!
  • Walking tour of the eco-trail with a guide, during which you can explore the extraordinary and untouched northern nature.
  • Lunch in the cafe.
  • Departure from Umba.
  • “Vega” technical stop at the gas station in Kandalaksha.
  • Arrival in Murmansk.

Included in cost:

  • Transfers according to the program;
  • Accommodation at the hotel “economy” class;
  • meals – breakfast and lunch on the second day of the tour;
  • Master-class on making souvenirs;
  • excursions to the museum “Petroglyphs Kanozero” and ecological trail.

All that is not mentioned in the program – an additional cost.

Additional charges:

  • nutrition on the road (Cafe at the gas station);
  • lunch and dinner on the first day.


  • the program may be amended or supplemented (the order of site visits, excursions);
  • the company reserves the right to replace accommodation facilities;
  • if not set the group carried out a full refund;
  • it is desirable to have a means of protection from mosquitoes and midges.
  • The price may vary. Specify the value of our managers!


The trip is carried out on a comfortable minibus “Mercedes Sprinter”.


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