Saami Village

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Tour description

Visit to Saami Village (Lappish village)

  • Excursion at the territory of the settlement. Acquaintance with national structures.
    • Visiting the alley of majestic idols. You need 6 yellow coins for one person to make wishes to them.
    • Acquaintance with the fauna of the Sami: reindeers, foxes.  Feeding reindeers with hands and photos.
  • Reindeer sleigh rides and banana boat rides behind snowmobile (01 Dec till 31 Apr) and driving quadrocycles during hot period of time (1 May till 30 Now).
    • Taking photos in national Saami clothes.

Program includes meal (salmon soup, stewed reindeer meat and potatoes)

Visit to husky Farm

  • Communication with Siberian huskies;
  • Husky riding (not available at the times, when it is no snow);

Friendly atmosphere, tea table, history of husky dogs, ect.

1 review for Saami Village

  1. Napadon

    Good service quality and great food, entertainment. Many exciting activities with gorgeous view of snow. Highly recommended :)
    ps. I am from Thailand !

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