Rafting and fishing on Kitsa (helicopter flight).


Who ever rafted on Kitsa – wants to go down this route again!

During the rafting you will pass through the rapids from the simple to the 4th category of complexity.

Tour description

The river Kitsa is a tributary of the river Kola (Kola Peninsula). Because of its inaccessibility, despite its apparent proximity to human settlements, the river has preserved its natural beauty. To get to the start point of rafting is possible only by helicopter. On the banks of the river there are deer, elk, swans, ducks, grouses, partridges, black grouse. And in the waters – trout, salmon, whitefish, perch, pike.

During the rafting you will pass through the rapids (from the simple to the 4th category of complexity). Beginners and not very self-confident tourists can avoid dangerous areas along the shore. Who ever rafted on Kitsa – wants to go down this route again!

In the season there is only 2-3 of the tour (6-10 people per group) from early June to October.

For fishing enthusiasts there is the opportunity to purchase a fishing license.

The tour program:

  • day 1 – group transfer by helicopter (flight time 30-40 minutes);
  • day 2-6  – rafting, fishing;
  • day 7 – rafting, return to Murmansk.

Optionally, the program may be modified and supplemented (the number of days, length of route, campsites, etc.)

The list of recommended equipment

On the Kola Peninsula is quite unstable weather, with frequent cold spells and rains. Therefore, we recommend each tourist to have:

  1. warm clothes – 2 sets (for rafting and lodging);
  2. storm suit (from wind and rain, such as “GoreTex”);
  3. additional set of underwear;
  4. gloves – 2 pairs (insulated and cotton);
  5. warm socks – 2 pairs, cotton socks – 2 pairs;
  6. a cap and warm hat;
  7. waterproof shoes with thick soles;
  8. hygiene kit (toothpaste, toothbrush, cream, etc.);
  9. personal first aid kit;
  10. matches and a lighter in a waterproof package;
  11. set of thread and needles;
  12. fishing equipment (provided on request);
  13. the mosquito screen;
  14. repellent;
  15. backpack;
  16. sleeping bag (provided on request);
  17. insulation mat (provided on request).

All the things we recommend to pack in waterproof bags.

Information about the trip

The price includes:

  • transport services on the route (helicopter, bus);
  • food & beverage (full board);
  • personal and group equipment;
  • instructors;
  • fishing training;
  • fishing license;
  • camp bath.

The bus is equipped with:

  • TV;
  • Wi-Fi router to access the Internet;
  • comfortable seats with seat belts.

If minimum size of the group is not complete payment refunds or the trip date shifts on agreement.


  • The price may vary. Specify the value of our managers!



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