Museum “MCSP”

More recently it passed the opening of the Museum of Public company “Murmansk Commercial Sea Port”. In the history of the Kola Polar Murmansk sea trading port has a special place. With the construction of the port began Murmansk. Creation Museum of the History of the Murmansk Commercial Seaport was timed to the 100th anniversary, […]

Incredible lights in the sky

Kola peninsula is the greatest place to see northern lights. Our company VisitMurmansk gives you an unique opportunity to see this fabulous phenomen. Start your acquaintance with the Kola Peninsula and, of course, the northern lights with one of our tours, for example:   The program Murmansk Kola 4N 5D  To see the Northern Lights […]

Northern lights hunt begins

Our company offers you a unique chance to visit the Arctic Circle and see one of the wonders of the local-Northern Lights! We offer you to choose one of the two adventures- for 3 or for 5 days. You can read them on our website: for 5 days and for 3 days. Do not miss your chance, […]