Russia is celebrating Shrove Tuesday

From 12 to 18 February, one of the favorite folk festivals is Shrove Tuesday

Maslenitsa is considered an ancient Russian folk festival. In fact, this is the farewell to the winter and the solemn meeting of the beautiful spring. There is no specific date for celebrating this day in the calendar. But this day can be calculated independently.

It is enough to take away 56 days from the date of Easter: this is 48 days of Lent and the week of the Maslenitsa itself. As a result, this year the holiday itself falls on February 18. And the Shrovetide week begins on February 12.

How to celebrate the Carnival

During the whole Shrovetide week, it is customary to bake pancakes, treat them to relatives and friends, and go to visit. In the Maslenitsa are folk festivities, which are accompanied by fun games, folk games, songs and dances. At the end of the holiday, the effigy of winter is burned, which represents the departure of the cold season.


The traditions of Maslenitsa are aimed at spending the winter and meeting the spring. Maslenitsa was greeted with majestic songs on snow slides.

Farewell to the Carnival was completed on the first day of Lent – Pure Monday. On this day, we washed in the bathhouse, and the women washed the dishes and “steamed” the milk utensils, cleansing it of fat and remnants of the dairy.

Many Shrovetide traditions are related to the themes of family and marriage: these days, young married couples were honored, and boys and girls who did not marry during the past year suffered humorous “punishments” in the form of various test rites.

Where to celebrate Pancake week in Murmansk?

When? – February 17, 2018

Where? – pr-kt Heroes-Severomortsev, d 23/2
Stopping complex st. Gagarin. Rest zone “Semenovskoe lake”

Traditionally, Murmansk residents gather in the recreation area “Semyonovskoe Lake”. For the residents and guests of the city, Maslenichi folk games and fun are organized, children’s cheerful relay races, contests for the adult audience, an exhibition of products of decorative and applied art, a photo exhibition “The Colors of the Russian Soul”, a theatrical performance with elements of traditional rituals, a concert program of folk groups and pop performers. All guests of the holiday are waiting for memorable gifts and, of course, Maslenitsa pancakes.


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