Unforgettable trip with tourists from China

Unforgettable trip with tourists from China held from 20 to 22 November. This is the first such a large group (35 people) this year. We are very worried that all goes well. And everything was just great!


We met our tourists at the airport with champagne! Everyone was pleasantly surprised!

Next informative tour of the museum of local lore held. The Chinese have learned about the nature of the Murmansk region, about animals and plants of the area.



After a short break for lunch, we went further to explore the city’s attractions.

A visit to the sauna was particularly interesting moment was. For many visitors it was the first time!

The second day was no less memorable. Tourists visited the famous Saami village, where they got acquainted with the peculiarities of pagan beliefs, saw amazing animals, such as deer, foxes, rabbits are adorable. And as the guests had fun playing in the national games! Despite the cold, everyone was hot!


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Later in the afternoon, tourists visited Husky Park. These charming little dog will not leave anyone indifferent! And real tea from a samovar with fresh rolls – even more so!



Ceremonial presentation of diplomas was held in the evening for dinner. This is a sign that all of them managed to cross the Arctic Circle!


And the most remarkable thing – our Chinese friends were able to see this evening the northern lights! An unforgettable experience!

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On the last day, our guests have seen a few more interesting places. They visited Abramys, where they were able to make a variety of beautiful photo on a background of the city. They were able to ride the “vatrushka”, which caused a brown positive emotions, as well as fishing. His “prey” tourists ate once at dinner.




Our Chinese friends were delighted by snow-covered Murmansk region, many persons promised to return to us again!



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