10 best places where it is possible to see the polar lights — in Russia and abroad

Do you dream to see the polar lights alive? We have made the guide to help you to embody a dream. Choose a route, follow simple advice and be ready to dart off at any time towards to the most unearthly show which can be seen, without leaving the planet.

Где видно самое красивое полярное сияние:

• Murmansk, Murmansk region

• Khibiny Mountains, Kola Peninsula

• Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk region

• Vorkuta, Komi Republic

• Khatanga, Krasnoyarsk Krai

• Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, Norway

• Tromso and Alta, Norway

• Abisku, Lappland, Sweden

• Akyureyri, Iceland

• Ivalo, Finland

What is the polar light and as to find it

The encyclopedia chilly explains that the polar light is the luminescence of the top rarefied atmosphere layers caused by interaction of atoms and molecules with the charged particles of big energiya interfering in the terrestrial atmosphere from space. Human language and very simply it means that the Sun throws out millions of tons of particles in space, in 2–5 days they reach Earth upper atmosphere where nitrogen and oxygen are so glad to a meeting that even shine from excitement.

Luminescences occur around magnetic poles of Earth. Fortunately, magnetic poles don’t coincide with geographical therefore we can observe shine at the latitudes about 67-70 °, and sometimes and much closer to the equator, up to Moscow and Tver.

Poles at Earth two therefore also a polar light there are two — northern and southern. To see the Southern shine it is problematic — just because manned places at the necessary latitude of the Southern hemisphere not so much. And here in the Northern hemisphere there is a mass of corners from where the polar light is visible. And to see him, it isn’t necessary even to leave Russia.

How to see a polar light

At first bad news: it is difficult to find the polar lights — too many circumstances have to develop successfully. So be morally ready to roll up for the North empty. Good news: if to follow simple advice, it is possible to increase the chances considerably.(About it read below)

When there is a polar light

Season of shine the period with autumn on the vernal equinox, that is from September to March is considered. It doesn’t mean that the sky lights up only these months, shine can quite happen also in August. But the probability after all is higher in the winter — approximately from November to February. At the same time in high latitudes at this time night lasts for 18-20 hours, and even weak shine will be visible more distinctly. Professionals claim that the best time of day for observations — approximately from 10 in the evening to 3 in the morning.

How to increase the chances to see a polar light

1. You monitor flashes in the sun

The main condition for a polar light — emission of particles in the Sun. After such emission at you will be from two to five days to reach the necessary latitudes. Certainly that the emission is more powerful, the it is more than chances that shine in general will be. Watches a set of observatories space weather worldwide, here the websites of some of them:

• Institute of terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and distribution of radio waves of RAS, Russia

• Geophysical institute at the University of Alaska, the USA

• Meteorological institute of Finland

• Lancaster University, Great Britain

• Center of forecasts of space weather, USA

The application of Aurora Village hotel where it is possible to trace the Polar Lights in Murmansk region

On each website trace K-index — the index of magnetic activity. Its values fluctuate from 1 to 9 where unit — everything is quiet, the nine — electronics fails. Have noticed that the K-index has reached value 4-5 above — pack things and leave on the North. It is convenient to monitor forecasts of a polar light through the TsPKP applications of the USA for iOS and Android.

2. You keep away from the cities

Electric fires of the cities create light pollution therefore near them the night sky is less contrast, and the polar light is visible much worse or it isn’t visible in general. The city is larger, the it is more than light noise and the further it is necessary to drive off from him. From the small village there will be enough also 5-10 km, from the megalopolis — it isn’t less than 50-70 km.

3. Wait for a clear weather

Polar light shines at the height more than 100 km. Clouds are always lower, that is will be between you and shine and will close the review. There are more chances of the clear sky in frosty days and at the cold snap moments in the winter.

4. Get far away on the North

The closer you will approach a polar circle (or you will even go further away to the north), the it is more than chances to see shine. Though, it depends on K-index size: if it reads off scale about 8-9 points, you can just look out of the window even if you live in Sochi.

Useful things which will be useful at observations

● The car — or hired

The car very much will help out in hunting behind the polar lights, and not so much because it is so possible to escape quickly from a zone of light pollution of the city and to choose the convenient survey platform. The main advantage of the car — in it it is possible to be heated.

● Full tank of gasoline and steam of canisters for emergency

To run to be heated in the car, it makes sense not to suppress and heat it constantly.

● Thermos with tea

On a frost alcohol warms at short distances, but on long — harms. Therefore lay up alcohol to return to heat better.

● Warm footwear

Certainly, you won’t forget to put on warmly. But pay special attention to footwear, it is necessary to stand on snow or the chilled earth long enough.

● Support

The support is necessary surely if you want to achieve qualitative photos.

● Spare accumulators

On a frost accumulators and batteries are discharged very quickly. Make sure that at you is spare both for a lamp, and for phone, and for the camera. You store them either in the car, or in inside pockets of clothes.

● Good camera

It is theoretically possible to photograph a polar light on “soap tray”, but not easy and it will turn out only at bright shine. Therefore if you want to imprint a show — take “reflex camera” or at least “bezzerkalka” from friends. And in advance be trained to remove on long excerpts.

Where to go to see a polar light

In Russia, at first sight, almost boundless opportunities to observe the polar lights. Still, the polar circle crosses the half-countries, and the grandiose heavenly show is visible and  Karelia и on Chukotka. But in the winter many places it is problematic to reach, and temperature can fall to −45 °C here and there. Besides, flight in remote corners of Russia can be fabulously expensive. Therefore from Moscow and St. Petersburg it is the best of all to go to hunting behind the polar lights to the Arkhangelsk or Murmansk regions. It more conveniently, and cheaper, and weather in the winter in these regions not such sharp, as, say, on Taimyr.

If good roads and infrastructure for you it is more important than economy, be shipped on hunting behind a polar light outward. In Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland it is possible to admire a fantastic natural phenomenon even from warm number of comfortable hotel.

In Murmansk region pay attention to Teriberka, Vidyayevo, Pechengu or any other town with insignificant light pollution. The main thing — be convinced that in the winter to them it is possible to pass by car.

It is possible to reach Murmansk and back by plane for 4-8 thousand rubles.

Sorce link: https://www.skyscanner.ru/news/10-luchshikh-mest-gde-mozhno-uvidet-severnoe-siyanie-v-rossii-i-za-granitsei#aurora-borealis-tips




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