A fascinating journey along the Kola Bay

A fascinating journey along the Kola Bay

August 25 held a fascinating walk through the Kola Bay. During the walk you can see the city center, railway station, port, icebreaker “Lenin”, Green Cape and the monument Alyosha, 35th shipyard, base “Atomflot” aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, Roslyakovo, Severomorsk. The boat is designed for 10 people, it has everything you need: bed, bathroom, music, dining area and tea / coffee making facilities and of course the friendly captain. boat speed is 35 knots, ie, 200 km / h. At the exit of the Kola Bay, you can dial the seawater as a souvenir of the walk.
Kola Bay – a unique place, freezing harbor, through which the warm waters of the Gulf Stream flowing.
Our tourists were under a lot of pleasant experiences.

Get acquainted with the program, please visit: http://v-leto.ru/tour/progulka-po-kolskomu-zalivu-na-katere/

Video and photo report:


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