A terrific event took place in the next 2019 Cruise to the Top of the Planet.

A terrific event took place in the next 2019 Cruise to the Top of the Planet.

The master of the Arctic decided to interrupt with his presence an event to celebrate the landing at the North Pole. Unfortunately, not everyone managed to pick up their belongings, but, fortunately, no one was hurt.

Bear – Misha walked, inspected personal belongings for the presence of prohibited items, made an honor circle for everyone around the Earth and tried to unload the nuclear icebreaker “50 Years of Victory”. Making sure that everything goes as planned, the bear with a sad little face left in an unknown direction. With a host of ice jokes are bad … North Pole, July 2019 “A polar bear met the cruise tourists in the Arctic

During this voyage, the staff of the national park noted an unusual phenomenon, which they expect every time tourists disembark on the ice floe of the North Pole, but what happened the first time in the entire history of the park – at the time of the commencement of ceremonial events dedicated to reaching the northernmost point of the planet A polar bear is seen walking in the direction of the icebreaker. It was decided to return all the tourists on board to a safe place and watch the animals.

A young polar bear, probably a female, went around the landing site, tasted signal flags and quietly withdrew to the ice. The condition of the bear was normal, most likely, this female recently crossed open water.

Such a meeting is an extremely rare phenomenon, giving important information to scientists about the ways of seasonal movements of polar bears. The only time a polar bear (and also a female) was met on August 1, 2007, when the nuclear icebreaker Yamal was flying to the Pole. Since then, such meetings have not been noted.

It is believed that polar bears rarely go into the long fields of old ice with a high degree of cohesion. However, every year the traces of these predators are getting closer and closer to the Pole, and now a meeting has occurred, which they are constantly waiting for.

Such an event confirms the need to ensure the safety of tourist activities on the part of the “Russian Arctic” accompanying cruise flights, and also indicates that a process of gradual exploration of the highest latitudes by marine mammals is underway.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the impressions of the North Pole in July 2019 will be remembered for a long time.

Materials take source from VK Murmansk and Atomflot .

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