Northern lights hunt begins

Our company offers you a unique chance to visit the Arctic Circle and see one of the wonders of the local-Northern Lights! We offer you to choose one of the two adventures- for 3 or for 5 days. You can read them on our website: for 5 days and for 3 days. Do not miss your chance, […]

In Murmansk started the White Nights

After completion of the polar day in Murmansk started the second series of the white nights (the first was in May to the beginning of the polar day). It will be open from 23 July to 11 August.   The sun will not fall lower than 6 degrees below the horizon, and the duration of […]

Hunting for Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis – magic lights in the dark sky! Unique natural phenomenon attracts tourists from around the world to the Kola Peninsula. Every year, when the polar night starts – we announce hunt for him! In pursuit of the Northern lights you will receive an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the night Murmansk, will be […]