Northern lights can be seen in September. If you want!

Wonderful notes from our colleagues from the press tour!

“Northern lights can be seen in September. If you want …?

It is believed that the northern lights – this is when the Arctic Circle, frost and sun, deer and husky, winter and Murmansk, Apatity, Kirovsk and Teriberka. Our observer Yuri Schegolkov, traveling in the north, learned that in early autumn you can see what many tourists from around the world pay very dearly for January accommodation in city hotels in Murmansk and other cities of the Kola Peninsula.

In Murmansk, of course, you need to be at the right time – that is, always. Whenever you come to this city, it will be interesting for you, and immediately note – delicious – and there is always something to do. It’s good that frost and snowstorm are not often here. 
But if we talk about hunters for the Northern Lights here you may be lucky or maybe not. ? Sometimes there is radiance, sometimes not. No one guarantees anything. You can come and hunt for several nights in obscure clouds – and not see anything. It is possible – but not necessary. As practice shows, the main thing is to really want and have a good camera with you at hand.

Of course, you can see the forecast of the Northern Lights for several days in advance and find out whether or not there will be an opportunity today to see this phenomenon. Practical Chinese, Filipinos and other residents of Southeast Asia have long been coming to Murmansk in early autumn to see the Northern Lights … ”

Whole article:…/severnoe-siyanie-mozhno-posmotret-i-v-…

And we want to add that the opportunity to see the Northern Lights in Murmansk from September to April.

You can comfortably observe this phenomenon from the panoramic windows in Aurora Village ?

View the Northern Lights forecast here ?…

 Information portal about Murmansk

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