Secret sign: the northern lights were observed in the form of the number “2”

Secret sign: In the Murmansk region, the northern lights were observed in the form of the number “2”

It happens that the most ordinary natural phenomena take on such an unusual shape that you begin to unwittingly see this as a hidden meaning, although it may not be so at all. Something similar happened in Murmansk, where something amazing appeared in the night sky.

Murmansk photographer Alexander Stepanenko October 1, 2018 managed to remove the natural phenomenon in the form of figure 2, which caused surprise among the locals.

The conspiracy theorists, ufologists and other mystifiers, who explained the phenomenon in their own way, guided by the basics of their chosen field, could not take advantage of the case.

UFO hunters, for example, believe that the aliens are trying to inform humanity of something in a similar way. And perhaps, as deeply religious people suggest, God himself sent an important “message.” It is not clear only that this figure can even denote, if you think that someone reasonable “painted” it in the sky above the Russian sky.

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