The region of the northern beauties

From 29 October to 3 November we had a very interesting and informative guided tour for visitors from Taiwan. Tourists have decided to leave their warm sunny island to conquer the beauty of our northern Murmansk region. And they succeeded! Excursions left the most positive impression and probably will long remain in the memory of our foreign guests.

And now a little more about the places that are able to visit.


Excursion to Murmansk

As part of a sightseeing tour of our Thai guests were introduced to the Murmansk and its sights and memorable places of the biggest city in the Arctic Circle. During her tour could see the Monument to the waiting, symbolizing the endless meetings and separation of seafarers and their families, the memorial “Defenders of the Soviet Arctic, the memorial complex in the village Abram-Mys dedicated gunners of 1st Corps air defense, and more.



Also, foreign guests got acquainted with the exhibits of the Naval Museum of the Northern Fleet, and looked at the world’s first nuclear-powered icebreaker “Lenin”.


Saamskaya village

Another no less remarkable for exploring was the Saamskay village. It is located 110 km from Murmansk. This is a very interesting place, and it is not surprising that it had to appeal to our visitors. It is called “Sam Syyt”, which means “village of Sami.” Sami (or Lapps or Sami) – it is the indigenous people of the Murmansk region, as well as northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.



Here tourists have learned a lot about the indigenous people of the north, as well as met with wonderful northern animals – deer, foxes, etc.


Pechensky monastery

The next point to visit was the Holy Trinity Trifonov Pechenga Monastery. This monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church in the village Luostari Pechenga Murmansk region.


Here visitors could see various icons of the monastery, including the icon with the relics of St. Tryphon of Pechenga, who recently returned to Kola land.

Also, our guests are able to learn more about the life of the abbots, and even try the local food in the monastery.




Teriberka is a village in the Murmansk region, named for the eponymous river Teriberke, whose name, in turn, according to one version, goes back to the old name of the Kola Peninsula – Ter.



Teriberka village is famous primarily due nominated for “Oscar” film “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev and thus became one of the 20 most popular tourist destinations in the world by the American magazine National Geographic Traveler. In addition, there is house-chapel of St. Prophet Elijah, a seaport, a cemetery of ships, and of course, in Russia there is no more room, where almost every day would be fantastic to see the phenomenon in the winter months – northern lights!


Khibiny, Ajkuajvenchorr

Hibiny is the largest mountain massif on the Kola Peninsula. Beautiful scenery attracts the eye and cause the desire by all means to subdue them. No wonder this place is a popular ski resort.


Ajkuajvenchorr (Aykuayventchorr) located near the town of Kirovsk and has a height of 1075 meters. On the slopes there are ski lifts and slopes for ski lessons and snowboarding.


For the Big Vudyavr lake located steep and inaccessible cliffs of Mount Vudyavrchorr. The route is convenient to start by the lake Small Vudyavr Vudyavryok at the source of the river. In the course of the route in the south-west with beautiful views of the valley and the lake Imandra city of Apatity.


Introduction to snow-capped peaks delivered an unforgettable joy to our Thai guests. Still would! After all, in their homeland is only snow in the mountains.

Tourists left very impressed with the fact that they were able to see and learn. Last day excursion ended with applause – the best reward from satisfied guests!

And finally, our Thai friend wrote a letter of recall, which shared their impressions. It is great incentive to move forward in our business!


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