Chinese tourists 20-22 December

On 20-22 December, we spent the next trip. Visit the Museum of Local Lore, husky park “Smile Alaska”, Sami village, icebreaker “Lenin” and other interesting places of the city of Murmansk…

Opening of the Snow Village December 24

December 24 will be opened “Snow Village”. Unique excursion and tourist object, built entirely of snow and ice. World snow and ice fairy tales and magic winter: snow halls, corridors, rooms, galleries, ice furniture, sculptures, bas-reliefs, the patterns on the walls, lighting effects and installations slides. For everyone: Walk through the halls and galleries “Snow […]

Wonderful frosty days

  It is interesting to know that yesterday guests from warm and sunny Vietnam visited our northern region. The weather was pretty frosty. But it did not fit our tourists had fun. They played national Sami game (it is very warm even weather was so cold), they tasted the local cuisine, rode reindeer, snowmobile and husky. The […]

Guests from Thailand

December 2. Very fun trip with 4 smiling tourists. First of all we go to the  Sami village, then travel to Husky Park “Lesnaya Elan”, after that in the evening,  group go to hunting aurora. It was successfully!  

Unforgettable trip with tourists from China

Unforgettable trip with tourists from China held from 20 to 22 November. This is the first such a large group (35 people) this year. We are very worried that all goes well. And everything was just great! We met our tourists at the airport with champagne! Everyone was pleasantly surprised! Next informative tour of the […]

Funny reindeer sleigh rides

The most fabulous holiday of the year – New Year’s Eve is coming closer and closer to us. And, of course, we want to have some winter magic. And such kind of magic was the wonderful moments of our trip to the Sami village with visiting Husky Park. Togever with Thai tourists we were able […]

“Smile of Alaska” – kennel in Murmansk

“Smile of Alaska” is the largest in the Kola Peninsula kennel of sled dogs-marathoners. Here real-athletes dogs live and train pass very long distances (30, 40 kilometers or more). In the nursery, you can learn about the different breeds of northern sled, see the equipment for racing and for tourism, to communicate with shaggy athletes. […]

The region of the northern beauties

From 29 October to 3 November we had a very interesting and informative guided tour for visitors from Taiwan. Tourists have decided to leave their warm sunny island to conquer the beauty of our northern Murmansk region. And they succeeded! Excursions left the most positive impression and probably will long remain in the memory of […]