Chinese tourists 22-24 January

Winter travelers. One more group from China. We visited Museum of Local History, Sami Village, Husky Park. Riding reindeers, huskies, snowmobiling. Have a good time with

Feast of the North in 2017

The main sporting event of the year in the Arctic – the traditional International Festival of the North, leading its history since 1934. About Polar Olympics, collecting thousands of participants each year, is known not only in our country but also abroad.

Opening of the Snow Village December 24

December 24 will be opened “Snow Village”. Unique excursion and tourist object, built entirely of snow and ice. World snow and ice fairy tales and magic winter: snow halls, corridors, rooms, galleries, ice furniture, sculptures, bas-reliefs, the patterns on the walls, lighting effects and installations slides. For everyone: Walk through the halls and galleries “Snow […]

Congratulation Happy New Year from the Norwegian Consulate

The postcard shows the bus stop Gornitak. Thus, people will get an idea of the beauty of the North and what tourists there are well-equipped space for recreation during the trip. Norwegian newspaper Bergens tidente published an article on the roadside toilets. The author says that the toilet Gornitak is one of the best and […]

Ceremonial opening of New Year tree festival 2016 in Murmansk

In the center of Murmansk new illumination and the main symbol of New Year celebrations – the city’s central tree was ceremoniously opened. Dozens of fairy-tale characters, as well as singers and dancers were the heroes of bright show, and the audience were hundreds citizens. Both children and adults know that Christmas tree isn’t not […]

New original benches in Murmansk

It’s no secret that the problem of shortage of benches in Murmansk is very acute in recent years. Many streets have no places to sit – there is no even ordinary shops. The original benches were installed to solve this problem. They are made on the sketches of the inhabitants of Murmansk to the 100th anniversary of our […]

Holiday Pomeranian Roe This Saturday (August 6)  in the village Kuzreka  held a holiday Pomeranian Roe. Serving a lot of bands from the Murmansk region: Umba, Polar Zorya, etc. Molochniy, Varzuga, Murmansk, and overseas guests the singer of Finland.. Songs, dances, traditional Russian costumes, master classes on modeling Roe, ice sculptures, souvenir shop, venison, open-air […]