The opening of the second stage of the square near the Naval Station

October 16, the opening of the second stage of the square near the Naval Station. The solemn ceremony was attended by the Director General of the Murmansk Sea Trade Port Alexander Masko, temporarily performing the powers of the head of the municipal formation of the city of Murmansk Tamara Pryamikova and the head of the […]

This night will be the brightest starfalls of autumn

Tonight, the Russians will be able to observe the most unpredictable starfall (the Draconid meteor shower). He received such a name, as he approaches the Earth from the constellation of the Dragon. These are small particles that broke away from comet Jacobini Zinner, discovered more than a hundred years ago. This year it has passed […]

Excursion around the capital of the Arctic

Sometimes locals know about their hometown much less than curious tourists. And when one of the distant cities and countries comes to visit, you start to worry. What is there to tell, then what to share? Zhanna Monakhova: “I was surprised that we have so many monuments that in everyday life are poorly lit, but […]

A passenger vessel “Braemar” arrived at the Murmansk

A large passenger vessel “Braemar”, arrived at the Murmansk sea station today early this morning. This is the first cruise liner that went to the port of Murmansk this year. There are approximately 1,000 people: 300 crew members and 700 passengers. Most of them are English. Their sea cruise began in the south of Great […]

Archaeologists specified the age of petroglyphs on the Kola Peninsula

Employees of the Kola archeological expedition of the Institute of the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences confirmed the age of the rock paintings at Kanozero – they are really 6000 years old. In the course of the work, the archaeological expedition discovered the tools that these drawings were made of. […]

Happy New Year!

Congratulations to our favorite tourists with the Chinese New Year! We wish fulfillment of the most cherished desires in the new year! And for the wish to come true you have to come to Murmansk and catch the Auror! We invite everyone to visit Murmansk this year!

Travel in Russia, to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Murmansk

This post shares experiences traveling in Russia, to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Murmansk (within the Arctic Circle).  It’s not about tea, although I will write about what turned up related to that separately.   I did attend a tea tasting in Moscow, with two of the Russians involved with making Laos Tea, and found some interesting shops […]