Five Corners Square

Murmansk, Five Corners Square
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Five Corners (Russian: Пять Углов) is the main square of Murmansk, Russia. From 1977 until December 1990 it was formally named “Soviet Constitution Square”, but this name never entered wide popular use.
The following buildings are located on the square:
  • the Murmansk Regional Duma building (this building formerly housed the Sevryba Management Software company)
  • the General Post Office
  • the Kirov Cultural and Technology Center
  • the Azimut Hotel Murmansk (formerly the Arctic)
  • the Meridian Hotel
  • Volna (“Wave”), a supermarket
Until the mid-1980s, there were many two-story wooden houses around the square. The last of these was demolished after the construction of the Hotel Arctic.

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