Church of Boris and Gleb in Borisoglebsk

Адрес: Мурманская область, Борисоглебский
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Orthodox church of the Pechenga area of the Murmansk region, located on the border with Norway, on the left of the river Paz. Dedicated to Saints Boris and Gleb.


In the Murmansk region on the border with Norway, on the opposite of the river Paz is an Orthodox church of Boris and Gleb, who in 1565 built the St. Tryphon.

In the XVI century on this place existed Pazretsky graveyard, founded by Saint Trifon in order to spread the Orthodox faith among indigenous peoples – and other Skolt Sami. In 1565, on his initiative, wood-dome church with a bell tower was built here. Sanctification, as evidenced by the inscription on the cross, preserved, held June 24 priest Hilarion. Trifon hoped to facilitate the construction of the church of his missionary work, and later in the Temple kept his manuscript life.

Abbots churchyard lived at a church summer and in winter move to Coke; Church has always been poor due to the small size of the parish. She had a small iconostasis, on the right side of which were icons brothers-martyrs and St. Vladimir with inscriptions ligature. Near the churchyard there Pazretskogo cave where, according to legend, the monk Trifon hid from resisting the introduction of Christianity, the Sami; Sami then this cave revered as a shrine.




The parishioners of the church until the second half of the XIX century were mostly Sami and Pomorie (summer, the season of fishing).

Active outreach activities among the Skolt Sámi are engaged in such well-known priest Georgy Terentiev (1823-1904) and Konstantin Shchekoldin (1867-1916); They also were among the first researchers of the history, culture and language Skolt. In 1826, when the demarcation of the borders of Russia and Norway border passed along the river Paz, and the left bank, on which stands the church, he departed to Norway, but for the sake of the Orthodox Church within Russia on the Norwegian side of the enclave was set up area of 1 km2. This configuration boundaries remained to this day.

July 23, 1870 Pazretsky graveyard visited the Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich; He gave money to repair severely dilapidated building of the old church, and then initiated the construction of a new church building. author of the project was the engineer Dmitry Vasilyev. Construction, oversaw the special committee of the Arkhangelsk Governor, conducted in 1872-1874, respectively. August 25, 1874 consecration of the temple. June 23, 1873 Pazretsky graveyard visited the King of Sweden and Norway Oscar II and Prince Oscar Adolf.

In the 1920s-1940s, the territory of the former churchyard Pazretskogo together with all the Pechenga area was a part of Finland. In 1944, during the war a new church of Boris and Gleb was severely damaged, and the older wooden church burned to the ground. The temple was restored in the years 1982-1992, in 1992, was consecrated. Worship in the church of Sts held twice a year, May 15, and on August 6; difficult to reach the temple to visit due to the fact that the regime is on the border area.





Address: Murmansk region, village Borisoglebsk

Map of Church of Boris and Gleb in Borisoglebsk